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The Neverhood (Might Be) Getting A Sequel

By MrJenssen29-05-2013

A new project has just showed up on Kickstarter. Armikrog, it's called, and the developer Pencil Test Studios are asking for $900.000 in order to make it. So what is this? It looks a lot like that old point-n-click game some of us knew and loved so dearly for its bizarre plasticine world created almost entirely with claymation. And what do you know, the bossman behind the project is Doug TenNapel, who was also the animator and designer on The Neverhood. Yep, that's right. Another Kickstarter spiritual successor, by the people who made the original. So, then... why Armikrog?

Well, those who are REALLY into The Neverhood are probably fans of it on Facebook as well. Doug TenNapel wrote a post there long before the Kickstarter project launched, explaining why the sequel isn't called The Neverhood 2: Never Hooding Again. Or something.

"So back in the day, we needed one point something million dollars to make the first Neverhood game, and publishers would pay you the money, but you HAD TO assign the character rights to the company. I did that with Earthworm Jim and Neverhood, so I own and control neither one of those characters or worlds. It was the price of admission to getting to do a game."

In short, Dreamworks owned the rights to it back when it was released, and Dreamworks have since been bought up by EA. As we all know, EA's business model nowadays doesn't lend itself very well to bizarre point-n-click games. It's no surprise then, that Armikrog is called what it is, and has no characters even remotely resembling the main character, Klaymen of the original.

So what is Armikrog? Well, it follows the vein of The Neverhood; it's still a point-n-click adventure made with clay puppets and stop-motion animation - and it's still looking bizarre as hell. The main star of the show is the astrunaut Tommynaut and his blind space-dog who crash-land on an alien planet. The project is currently more than %15 of the way, with 29 days still to go. If you're interested, be sure to check the project out. But be quick, those discounted early-bird pledges are likely going to go during the next few days.

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Oh man, oh man, oh man! I feel like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert!

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I'll buy anything made of plasticine. I blame a childhood spent watching Morph. (Useless Factoid: I'm a grown man and I watch Pingu. Sad I know.)