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The Nazis Have Arrived in Egypt

By Toast31-08-2013

Where is mein heart? Is it in one of these screenshots? Well, it's somewhere in Egypt, and you won't be alone in searching for it, as the Nazis will be too. Check out the screenshots for some of the sights and scenes in beautiful Egypt, along with some of your Nazi 'friends' that you'll be encountering along your travels for find the heart that you're all searching for. Maybe you'll even uncover some Nazi gold on your travels too!

Deadfall Adventures is expected to hit PC on the 15th of November this year, so get ready to hunting chaps!

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Posts: 3290

It looks like Indiana Jones.

The GOOD one

Posts: 1548

Wow, it looks really good. The problem is thought that I'm afraid it wont be that good. Only time will tell.