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The Nazi Zombies Bring New Friends

By Toast26-10-2013

The Nazi bastards that refuse to die are back, and they'll be storming you with all the familiar enemy types that you fought against in the previous game. As mentioned when first announced, they have new friends to take you down a notch. These include some Nazi zombie and skeleton variants, and a brand new boss, The Summoner, which will raise the dead back to life unless they receive a shot in the head, supposedly (surprise surprise?).  You'll also be in new areas this time, which is clear to see if you watch the above trailer, you know, to spot some of those guys that you'll be fighting too.

If you want to return to the zombie-fied landscape in time for Halloween you'll probably want to purchase it right now on Steam for the individual price of $11.99 / £7.99 / €8.79 in your regional currency. If you have friends that you want to join in on your quest for brain killing action, you can also purchase the 4-pack for the combined total of $35.99 / £23.99 / €26.39, a nice saving if you equally share it between your comrades. Now, train your sniping kills, and get ready to kill some Nazis next Thursday.

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I have a feeling it's just NZA 1.3