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The Nazi Zombie Army Returns October 31

By MrJenssen19-10-2013

The first Nazi Zombie Army felt kind of mediocre to me when I wrote my review of it last winter. Though it was cheap, it didn't take full advantage of Sniper Elite V2's best aspects like I had hoped, and didn't bring anything new to the genre. With that said, it had its moments with the Co-Op play, but that was about it.

It's been known for a while already that Rebellion are working on a sequel to the Sniper Elite spin-off, cleverly titled Nazi Zombie Army 2 and our own Toast already then placed his bet on an October 31 release. Too bad he didn't bet anything valuable, because he was right on the money.

The game has now popped up on Steam and Rebellion's own webstore ready for pre-order at a 20% discount, and is indeed set for release on October 31 - Halloween. Details are scarce at this point, but there will be at least be new environments, zombie types and... that's about it. Oh, and the soundtrack will apparently be "Carpenter-esque". 1982's The Thing being one of my all-time favorite movies, I approve of this last bit. Moreover, the level design will now be more "insane", according to a statement from creative director Jason Kingsley:

"We wanted to twist the occult horror from Nazi Zombie Army into something more nightmarish, more insane. There's been a huge focus on making the levels more intimidating and the enemies even more grotesque and challenging."

Nazi Zombie Army 2 will, just like its predecessor, not require owning Sniper Elite V2 in order to be played. It's completely stand-alone. Check out the teaser trailer above and the screenshots below if you're interested. You can expect a timely review from us if you're on the fence about jumping in and getting the four-pack.

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