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The Name’s Fisher, Sam Fisher

By breadbitten15-07-2013

Ubisoft wants the Splinter Cell franchise to become a household name, to quote Splinter Cell Blacklist creative director Maxime Beland, "as big as James Bond."

Speaking GamesRadar Maxime said, "There are some great Bond movies, and they're obviously a big point of reference for us. At the same time, I'm so hungry for a good Splinter Cell movie. I know we're developing one now, and that people are responding to it." He further explained why the franchise is ripe with cinematic potential, saying, "He's interesting, he's different, and the brand has some really iconic images like the three-light goggles. The Splinter Cell world is just so interesting. I think it deserves a great movie."

While I'm not personally holding my breath on the Tom Hardy fronted Splinter Cell movie, currently in development, as being the video-game-to-movie-adaptation that we deserve I find the correlation to James Bond quite amusing; the two characters, besides being employed by secret service agencies, are absolutely the polar opposites of one another.

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