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The Movement of Toxikk

By drcoolio34527-10-2014

Taking inspiration from classic fast paced shooters like Quake and Doom, Toxikk is trying to bring that classic feel back to modern gamers through its gameplay and movement. Just today the developers of Toxikk, Reakktor Studios, have come out with a 10 minute video on the movement in their game.

With lines like "easy to learn, hard to master," and promises of an "advanced movement tutorial," movement in Toxikk sounds like it'll have a high level of mastery. With dodging, sliding, sprinting, a double jump, and rocket jumping, Toxikk sounds like it has just about everything a mobile shooter should have, including the tagline "frag like it's 1999."

Toxikk is due for release sometime in 2014 on Windows.

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