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The Metro Comes To Light At Last

By Bobfish19-03-2013

Since the death of THQ, details about Metro: Last Light have been extremely thin on the ground. Until now. Firmly reminding us the story will go on, Deep Silver have issued a gameplay trailer for the claustrophobic sequel. It promises a much darker game than its predecessor, and I'm not talking about the deep shadows of the subterranean setting. Though it does seem to be a wee bit short on the gameplay part of the trailer, it does appear that almost the entirety of the video is rendered using the in game engine, which bodes well indeed. The lighting effects and animations are absolutely incredible. All we need now is an official release date. Add your voices to the cacophony echoing through our comments station to give them a kick up the arse.

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Looks awesome, can't wait for this one! I'm glad Deep Silver picked it up after THQ went bust.