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The Map for the Movie

By StuntmanLT04-11-2015

EA finally gave us a glimpse into the evasive Star Wars: Battlefont pre-order bonus map - Battle of Jakku. The events will be taking place 29 years prior the new Force Awakens movie and will visualise how those massive Star Destroyers ended up on the ground.

The teaser trailer itself is very pretty, showing off spectacular visuals and jaw dropping battles but is just shy of 20 seconds long and doesn’t reveal much. Even the map itself, the desert map, doesn’t look drastically different from what we’ve already seen but devil is in the details and a different level layout can mean a completely different gameplay experience in otherwise samey-looking environments.

The map will be available on December 8th for free to all Battlefront owners with one week early access to the pre-orderers. This should give you enough time to get a grasp of historical events before going to see the movie.

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