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The Lost Lord's Are Here

By Bunnysuit02-02-2015

The Game Of Thrones The Lost Lords launch trailer has been released. Lady Elissa voices over that her family is very close to ruin, with the Whitehills taking occupation of Ironwood. Your decisions as the various characters affecting House Forrester will be crucial. This trailer seems to be showcasing most of the other Forrester characters, especially Asher, a character absent from the first episode. We get to see Asher fight and he looks as badass as he was described.

I'm curious to know more of his companion that we manage to see a glimpse of in the trailer and I hope there will be more balance when it comes to character development this time around. The first episode had a lot more of Gerred Tuttle than anybody else. We don't show very much of IronWood but scenes of it were shown in the past previews. There are still plenty of episodes in this season though, so there is still so much more to look forward to.

Guess who's not coming into work later?

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Eh, I'd rather eat Ramsey