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GC: The Lords of the Fallen Have A Trailer Now

By JcDent20-08-2013

Lords of the Fallen, to be published by City Interactive in 2014 and having the talent of one the Witcher 2 producers behind it... is a game that seemingly wants to avoid any and all media attention. Despite being billed as something that could rival Witcher 3, we barely know anything about it. There are hushed rumours that it might be something akin to Dark Souls meets Borderlands, only more RPG like.

In this game, your character, bearded bald badass Harkyn is probably out to challenge the Fallen God. Everything happens in a world where gods have failed humanity because of unknown reasons. Then again, humanity might just be throwing a collective hissy fit, like a child who didn't get an iPhone for Christmas. Anyways, in the trailer, Harkyn challenges a giant, wins... and attracts a deity's attention.

Suicidal git, that one.

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