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The Locust Bare New Teeth - Remastering Gears of War

By ElderCub11-08-2015

The process of remastering a game is always interesting. Getting to see the insides of a studio's thinking is insightful. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as we know, will be a rehashing of the first Gears of War. Developers you'll find, have spent a lot of time refining the small details on characters, really bringing them to life. Giving realistic texturing to the world and truly fleshing it out. Details like dried out cragged leather on weapons from being underground for years, Locusts themselves looking dry and lizard like. Comparing the old to the new it's clear there's a huge step in visual fidelity. One thing I did notice in the video however was huge tears in the comparisons starting at 1:07 caused by lack of Vsync. It just struck me as strange that the might allow that in a promotional video. But hey, not to rag on anyone, but I guess that's why we're PC gamers, right?

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