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The Little Game with the New Name Launches

By Kathy_McGraw12-04-2014

Debuting with a Metacritic score of 70, Ubisoft's free-to-play team-based tactical shooter, Ghost Recon Phantoms is available as a full release right now. As we previously reported, Ghost Recon Phantoms is the new name for Ghost Recon Online, which reflects a change in the game's direction based on feedback from players during the alpha and beta phases.

In addition to the name change, the Ubiblog says that the Phantoms team have updated the user interface to add polish, upgraded the graphics and lighting, added character customization options as well as new classes and weapons. In addition to these changes, matchmaking is now more intuitive and takes into account player level and equipment.

Right now, on Steam, there are seven DLC packs for sale, totaling a whopping $154. 93. The most expensive set is the Squad Starter Pack, which will set you back $50, the price of a full game! I can't say that I care for the free-to-play model much, but I can see why publishers love it. It lets them milk on-going sales from a single game forever. For consumers, I think it's not such a good deal, because you end up getting nickel and dimed. Ghost Recon Phantoms is a good example of this.

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