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The Light Does Not Shine Bright

By acharris7703-10-2013

On Twitter there have been some tweets about a Kickstarter project, The Light. The project has not yet received the funding it was after, with only 7 days to go only £3,680 was raised. £20,000 was the target to get it started, but this is now looking very unlikely. The developers have put up a pre-Alpha demo to show some of the game, but there are very few game mechanics available.

I took a look at the video, and even though the game looks very basic it's also compelling and addictive. You are a cube and you are placed in a room, on a floor plan type layout. There are other cubes, which represent guards, and you must plan when to move so that they don't see you within their field of view. Also added to the mix is hacking, so you can get access to restricted areas and unlock secured doors.

It seems a shame that the project has not been as successful as the developers, Just a Pixel wanted. The game is a simple idea and one which has great potential. If you want to see what the fuss is about, you can download the demo from here. Please try it and leave your comments below.

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