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The Legacy of Kain Has Ended

By Toast20-06-2013

More bad news from Square Enix, it has emerged that a sequel to the original Legacy of Kain titles, titled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, was in the works over at two different studios. Climax Studios were in charge of developing the singleplayer campaign, while Psyonix were developing the multiplayer portion of the game. About a year ago there was a considerable amount of information leaked by a user named Mama Robotnik which revealed this information to us. It had also been revealed that the game was in development for around 3 years and was finally cancelled in 2012.

Since then, after the leak, the community manager George Keilion has taken notice of this and has responded to this leak with some answers of his own. "I can confirm that Dead Sun was a project which had been in development - but which was cancelled," stated George. At the end of George's statement he was kind enough to show off some of the concept art for the cancelled entry.

It's also been revealed that Climax Studio's CEO, Simon Gardner has sent in a comment to Eurogamer after contacting him for a comment.

"As you would expect, we are covered under NDA and really don't have anything to add. Many games never see the light of day for lots of different reasons, especially over the last few years where business models and markets have been evolving rapidly. We continue to have a good relationship with Square Enix."

At this moment in time, SquareEnix has previously announced a multiplayer version of the Legacy of Kain series titled Nosgoth, and according to Mama Robotnik's little discovery, details likely point to Nosgoth being the saved part of Dead Sun's multiplayer portion which has been revamped and expanded. There has been no other information about Nosgoth's release date other than later this year.

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This is why you're business is getting shitty returns you morons. Not because your games don't sell well enough (three million isn't good enough?! Greedy bastards!) it's because you're screwing your playerbase!

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Damn you Square....

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The legacy that is no more. :(

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Damn... :(

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Aww, dude, no! What the hell are they playing at?!

Fuck Square! Just fuck them!