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The Last Cargo, Atheist Horror?

By acharris7709-10-2013

Here we have another survival horror game, but this one has no zombies, which makes a change. The player faces burdens of forced beliefs, trapped in a building built on his own faith. The setting is intriguing, with a tower of creeping horrors, locked doors, and shadows. The premise that makes this really interesting, is that the character uses a wheelchair, as his imposed faith has left him paralysed.

Everyone knows that good horror games are based on weaknesses. Having the main character bound to a wheelchair, fighting creatures that come from crucified corpses will definitely do this. As can be seen on the video, it is set in a dark world, and the only source of light is a headlamp. Let us just hope that he has a very good supply of batteries on him. They are looking for funding though Indiegogo and you can upvote on Steam Greenlight if this sounds like your thing. As normal, leave your comments below.

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Posts: 207

I'm sensing that 'A Search for Meaning' might make an appearance for this one...

Actually, speaking of that, I should probably get a move on with the second article in that series...people seemed to like it.

Posts: 3290

Very true. I actually hadn't thought of that

Posts: 1317

That actually looks pretty cool. And someone finally found a good thematic argument for the "no move and shoot at once" mechanic that sucked so hard in Resident Evil. At least here it MAKES SENSE.

Posts: 3290

Okay, now this, I need in my life