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The Inquisition Rises

By Bobfish27-06-2013

Some 'in engine' screenshots for Dragon Age Inquisition have come slinking out of the gloom. You'll probably recognise them too, since they all feature somewhere in the E3 trailer. Frankly, I remain entirely unconvinced. The last image (shown above) in particular screams bullshot to me, but it isn't the only one. On the other hand, the one image that I can confidently say is captured from in game assests, the chappy holding what appears to be some kind of war conference, does look extremely nice. As does the dude ordering his men into battle, which is also most likely to be at least in engine, as they say. Beyond that, I'm going to wait until something more concrete, read: video, turns up before making any judgements. But what about you? Am I being too hard on them?

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Posts: 3290

The first game was BioWare at its finest, second one I still don't know. This...I remain unconvinced

Posts: 351

Yeah this looks impressive, I will have to try it when it comes out.

Posts: 1548

I never finished nor DAO nor DA2 but this is looking quite good now.