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The Inquisition is Getting Closer

By drcoolio34526-04-2014

It's been a while since we last heard from Bioware on any new Dragon Age content, though that wait finally came to an end when they announced the release date and launched a new website. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the newest instalment of the Dragon Age series, and it looks like they're keeping the classic mix of politics and blood that the franchise is known for, while taking a more sandbox-y approach this time.

From the little material we've seen in the trailer, the world seems much more open, no longer restricting the player to certain areas or guiding your character down a few story points. Mike Laidlaw, the creative director for Inquisition said, "We see the next generation of Bioware games being all about freedom for the player," further emphasizing the freedom the game will be trying to deliver.

The developers explained that the plot is something along the lines of:

"From the very opening moments of Dragon Age: Inquisition, this is a world on the edge.”

“The world has essentially undergone this event, where the veil, the thing that keeps the demons out, to put it in simple terms, has torn asunder, and they're basically laying waste to the place.”

“And at the same time, an Inquisitor is created. You become the Inquisitor, you begin your ruthless pursuit of the villain who created this fade tear."

Sounds like the world is in peril and you, the hero (or villain maybe?), is on the hunt for whoever is threatening it.

Your hero and allies will of course have their own class to pick from, but this time around there is more than just the warrior, rogue, and mage. Inquisition is introducing at least three new classes including the tanky "Champion" class that focuses on armor and defends the party, the mixed "Knight Enchanter" class that uses arcane arts as well as steel to protect and attack, and lastly the creative "Artificer" class that focuses on laying traps more than direct combat. You can check out the classes here.

On the subject of character design, the producer had this to say: "Creating the inquisitor himself, is really about your character and being the person you really want to be. Be that an elf, or a dwarf, or human, mage, rogue, warrior, so you've really got a lot of choices on how you create this character and how you play this character throughout the course of the game." If all that is true, then this could also mean that Inquisition will be taking more after the first game than the second, back when you could choose what race you wanted to play as.

Another point that the trailer made sure to mention was that you are no longer following orders from people above you. You are the Inquisitor, you are in charge, and you can even send out people out on quests instead of the other way around.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is set for release on October 7th for now, but has two versions that you have to choose from. You can buy the standard edition of course, or you can buy the deluxe edition which includes new rideable mounts, deluxe edition specific weaponry and armor for every class, as well as some shiny armor for your mount for $10 more.

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