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The Humble THQ Bundle?!

By siegarettes29-11-2012

There are two ways to look at this: either the Humble Bundle has grown to a point where it's no longer deserving of its "Humble" moniker, or THQ has fallen so far that it's become a humble little company. In all likelihood it's a bit of both.

At any rate, Humble Bundle and THQ have teamed up to bring you the Humble THQ Bundle, a package of THQ heavy hitter franchises. While most of the games have been out for a while and been subject to many a Steam sale, all of them are entries in franchises soon to receive sequels or have already. Getting players who haven't yet tried them could not only make THQ a tidy sum of cash but prove to be good promotion for THQ's upcoming products, which it will need if it is to move out of the red.

Included in the bundle are Metro 2033, Darksiders, Red Faction Armageddon, and Company of Heroes along with its two expansions. Most notably, the recently successful Saints Row the Third is included for beating the average, which is definitely the highlight of the bundle for me. For strategy buffs, Company of Heroes is a near classic, and for those who want some atmospheric Russian post-apocalypse Metro is the best there is short of STALKER. Darksiders and Red Faction both provide their own thrills, although they endeared themselves less to me. While reception to the games might vary, I should note that I personally own all of them already and found them all worth my money then as well.

It should also be noted that this is the first bundle that isn't cross-platform or DRM free, instead being limited to Windows and Steam keys. Nonetheless, picking up some quality games while being able to support charity and a publisher responsible for taking a risk on a massive variety of titles is definitely worth a few dollars/pounds/euros.


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Posts: 233

Well, I got most of those games already....but....it's THQ, and I love some of the games they made so I payed them handsomely and have more than one gift to give now.

Posts: 228

6$ for that many games? It's not a bargain - I feel like we're robbing THQ at gunpoint.

And Saints Row 2, horrible as it may be, is still more fun that GTA IV or Saints Row 3.

Posts: 32

They publish good games are willing to take risks on unique ideas, so I hope them the best. Although it's worth noting that Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla would have been killer additions to the bundle had they not had terrible rushed porting jobs on them.

Posts: 1548

Damn thats insane! Hope THQ is extreamly lucky with this.