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The Gothic Narrative

By Bis18marck7028-01-2016

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada begins its pre-orders, unveiling the obligatory Early Adopter offer and showcases its campaign. Unlike Warhammer 40.000 Eternal Crusade, the trailer for this one is actually quite enjoyable to watch. Although only comprised out of in-game cinematic, the art style is simply spot on 40k. Introducing the single player campaign, the player will be warped straight into the 12th Black Crusade by Faiabaddon, excuse me, Abaddon.

Eagleeyed viewers will also spot some references to Orks and Dark Eldar.

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Tindalous so far:

Stellar Impact - great game poorly marketed and poorly implemented at launch, never really took off.
Etherium - Complex rts, oodles of depth but too predictable and poor AI, again never really took off.
Battlefleet Gothic - Third time lucky?

Tindalous have the skills to make all the componenets of a good RTS, they just need to focus on bringing it all together properly and delivering a polished product.