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The GOG Mystery Announcement

By NeonAnderson16-10-2012

Shrouded within complete mystery is the latest announcement from GOG.com. The GOG site (Good Old Games) is well known for its selling of legal digital downloads of primarily older games, but also a few new titles. What makes the site stand out is the fact that all games purchased on their site come without any form of DRM and can even be downloaded as many times as you want from your GOG account wherever you are in the world!

The new announcement, accompanied by a teaser video, is intended to get people to watch a live conference on the 18th of October 2012 at 18:00 GMT. The GOG team is promising to make an important announcement about what they are calling ‘the next big step in digital distribution’.

If you are interested, the live conference can be viewed on their official site or on their Facebook page.

For those not in the GMT time zone, here are some other times in different time zones as provided by GOG: 14:00 in New York, 11:00 in Los Angeles, and 20:00 in Warsaw.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what this step could possibly be.


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