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The Game is a Foot

By acharris7713-12-2013

Come, my dear Watson. Focus Home Interactive recently released some screenshots of their upcoming Sherlock Holmes title, Crime and Punishment. This also brought with it a functional website. Now they have released a trailer showing the amount of freedom you got in the game to carry out your investigation and follow leads how you think best. Then at the end of the case, you get to make moral choices, which are shown in the embedded video.

Whatever clues you find, and whichever path you choose - or not - in each of the seven cases, will give you 10 suspects in a single case. You will require logical deduction to work out who your culprit is, and then remember: you could just as easily put away an innocent person by missing vital clues. Once you find the perpetrator, you got the choice of either following the letter of the law, or be guided by your moral compass. So remember Sherlock Holmes wannabes - actions have consequences.

Crimes and punishment will be released the second quarter of 2014, and going by all the information that is being released, this should be a good Sherlock Holmes game. I leave you all with this advice from the master himself: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

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