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The Future of Oculus at DICE Summit

By NAG3LT10-02-2014

During the talk at DICE summit, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey talked about the future of virtual reality and the roadblocks on the way to it. He considers VR as a new frontier in entertainment that can radically expand both the possibilities and the audience. The wider availability comes due to VR utilising more natural ways to navigate virtual worlds, instead of traditional controls with some learning curve. Luckey does not think that VR will be limited to gaming, but currently gaming is on the forefront of VR advancement and can benefit a lot from it. The sense of presence offered by good VR gear allows for unique experiences.

Luckey has also mentioned the main issues that need to be addressed. The 3D view Rift offers and the sense of presence require careful level design. A room that may look completely normal on a standard flat display may seem like a weird mess of objects with incorrect sizes and uncertain distance. While good porting of existing games can reduce problems, only the games developed with VR in mind from the beginning will offer a perfect experience. The sense of complete immersion also requires a good sound engine, so that the environment will not only look how players expect, but also play sounds in the right way, depending on player actions. Overall, Palmer Luckey is very optimistic about the future prospects of VR and considers it to become one of the greatest technologies of mankind.

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