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The Future of Company of Heroes

By NeonAnderson25-03-2013

Many Company of Heroes fans were worried about the future of the first trilogy as well as the progress on the sequel, Company of Heroes 2, after THQ went bankrupt. Well it turns out the future is good for both titles!

One of the game's Producers, Greg Wilson, has released a letter to the community, this letter explains the progress on CoH2 and what the plans are for the original CoH that was released six years ago.

In terms of Company of Heroes, starting April 8th, they intend to have an "opt-in" version of Company of Heroes available on Steam. This will use your retail keys from the original game to activate on Steam and access your title through the new Steam version. On May 7th the current Quazal servers will be shut down and they will make a tool to allow players to see their key for CoH using their normal Quazal login and password. Players will still be able to play multiplayer games through the Steam version and once they switch over to the Steam version, they will be able to play MP through the Steam servers.

In terms of Company of Heroes 2, the launch date is set for June 25th, with the Closed Beta to be announced early next week. Beyond this more details will be released soon regarding the title and the features it will have.

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Posts: 596

This is good news. Also glad to hear they are still hard at work on CoH 2, as well as plans for keeping CoH 1 active and supported for the foreseeable future.

Posts: 1548

Awesome. I love that they went back and supported the old game!