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The Fun Will Never End

By Bobfish26-08-2014

It's time for adventure! It is, you might say, Adventure Time. So grab your friends and come join us as we reveal The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. Because, y'know, it's nameless, and we want to know more about it. Why? Because I Don't Know! Hey, it's Adventure Time dude, just go with it. Last year's offering met generally mediocre reviews, clearly because Lady Rainicorn was not a playable character. But it's a popular enough series that more games were inevitable.

Sadly, Lady Rainicorn also seems to be devoid of playability this time around, but so does everyone else. Rather than a fun, arcadey little hack'n'slash romp, we're getting, at least to an extent, a narrative and some sense of structure. It looks pretty cool too. No graphical benchmarks will be set here, sure, but it looks fun and cute and bright and colourful. Just like Adventure Time should.

Still needs more Lady Rainicorn though.

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