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The Fall, Monkey Island in Space

By acharris7710-09-2013

News has been released about a new Kickstarter project called The Fall, which is a monkey island inspired platform game. Apparently the game is going to be a mixture of point and click, shooting and platform elements all in one game, which will create an experience like never before seen. John Warner spoke about his new episodic game, revealing the protagonist as an AI in a space suit which seems to have some issues.

The AI ARID activates the suit after its owner is injured, so in order to protect the owner it finds itself having to question its own laws. This conflict is what the player will find themselves trying to resolve, sort of like finding loopholes within the program of the AI suit, which will allow ARID to complete its mission. The puzzle solving part is going to be a point and click style affair, which John Warner said was his inspiration for the game.

The puzzles are going to created so that the solution to them will not be obvious to the player, as the programming which the AI is governed by will first need to find a solution to get around the AI restriction. The Fall is going to be a solo project by John Warner himself, apart from the hiring of freelance sound designer, graphics designer and voice actors.

A Monkey Island style space adventure game is sounding like a very promising Kickstarter project, and the AI laws look to be following I, Robot/Isaac Asimov 3 laws. Incorporating these laws into a game to me sounds like a bold move, and one which I am looking forward to following. If only to see if his big ideas can be brought to an actual game. Let us know what you think.

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Uuuu, this looks interesting.

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Ha! Awesome.

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He has some...interesting reward Tiers as well. have your face on the copse of a soldier?

Uhm...why do I want that so badly? o.O