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The Expanding Universum Model

By Bobfish02-10-2013

You remember Universum right? That absolutely mind blowing FPS/RTS hybrid made by one man! Of course you do, how could you forget? Well, now it's time to show some love. No longer an overeager advance preview. Today we have the official unveiling. And boy oh boy, what an unveiling it is! The more I see, the more difficult it is to remember this was all done by one man. A very humble individual too. Despite having done literally everything alone, he still speaks in the plural regarding every facet of the project. Not only open to, but actively encouraging open, honest debate about every step of future development.

Now doing the rounds on Greenlight and seeking an incredibly conservative $20,000 via Kickstarter, it would be a travesty to see everything fall apart now. You know how, every once in a while, that game comes rolling around that sounds perfect on paper? Combining everything you love and, supposedly, bringing them all together into one, seamless conglomeration of sheer awesome only to fall flat on its face because it's so overextended? Well, that's Universum right up to the conclusion. Where others have tried and failed, Universum not only will, but already has achieved perfection.

Dig deep people.

Dig real deep.

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Posts: 1548

As an achievement this game is huge but I cant shake the feeling that it will have all the faults of any indie game, starting with poor animations.

Posts: 3290

I just can;t get over the fact Megem did ALL of this himself o.O

Posts: 297

I've always been keen for the idea of something like this, and it certainly looks good so far, hoping to try it at some point in the near future.