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'The Evil Within The Concept Art

By BloodyFanGirl06-01-2014

It's a New Year and with it we get a new batch of images from The Evil Within. This time we have a load of concept art. We're shown a variety of dilapidated districts and abandoned areas, some looking like they wouldn't be totally out of place in The Last Of Us. We've got train wrecks, grave yards and a flooded high way, oh my! In these images some of the environments appear to have a greater sense of scope than what we've previously seen. That said there are still a few pictures of cramped and claustrophobic chase areas too in this selection.

Previously we've gotten an eyeful of gameplay as well as a good glimpse at some of the various enemies you'll be facing as you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos. The Evil within is due for release later this year on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Take a gander at the official website here and don't forget to check out our gallery below.'

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Just when I was losing interest...

Okay, I won't make any judgements just yet