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The EVE of Jita

By Bobfish24-09-2013

Now, we all know that Jita is a busy system. Well, EVE online players know that Jita is a busy system. So busy, in fact, that it has a node (server) entirely put aside solely for that one system. In fact, it's so busy, that there are regular instances when CCP close it down (deny entry) all together for a spell. But why? It can't be that busy.

Can it?

Well, one user took an hour (don't worry, the video is time lapsed) out of their life to sit at a Stargate, idling and watching the to and fro of traffic. An hours worth of (constant) coming and going that shows precisely how busy it can be. With ships always on screen, many of them merged into each other because there are just so damned many of them going past. There's even some combat flashing in the distance.

So is it really that busy? No, no it isn't. It's a whole hell of a lot worse. And bear in mind, whilst watching this, that this is the average hourly rate. Multiply that over an entire day, factor in the number of people who are permantently resident within the system...consider that this is only one of seven gates...yeah. It's a busy place.


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I could get behind that.

I hate Jita

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Burn Jita is one of the best names for an MMO event ever.