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The EVE of Dark Tomb Stories

By Bobfish16-03-2014

So, remember that EVE Online comic? Welp, not only the first, but the first and second issues are now available, For free. Yeah, seriously. Pretty sweet right? Better yet, Dark Horse are also on the cusp of bringing the greatest video game heroine back to print as well. 'Tis a good time for video game comicbooks ja?

Having played all of the Tomb Raider games and EVE, as well as owning the entire Top Cow Tomb Raider comic series (which is absolutely incredible by the way) as well as having read a lot of Dark Horse (the Aliens comics) when I was a kid...this both excites and worries me. Dark Horse have always been a bit hit and miss. Okay, a lot hit and miss actually. They're very much in that grim and depressing, 90s misanthrope mindset in their work, which can be exceedingly grating and self indulgent at times. But also works extremely well when they do it right.

How these will turn out...well the EVE comics are already available, so see for yourself. They are also based on real, in game happenings as created by the playerbaase. Whilst the Tomb Raider comics...Top Cow did a damn fine job, so I'm a tad bitter that they lost the license. Mayhap that could have coloured my perception of this. Either way, I still recommend giving them both a look.

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