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The End Of Hating

By Kelevandos30-05-2013

DOTA 2 is a MOBA aiming for some changes, while remaining loyal to the genre's roots. Knowing Valve, it is quite easy to believe that they would go far to improve the gameplay and give the player more comfort. And here we have it, a first big step forward – a temporary chat ban system! In a MOBA!

Since the introduction of the feature, Valve has recorded a 35% decrease in the negative communication behaviors, together with 60% of the affected mending their ways and never receiving a ban again. If you ever playing any MOBA title you most probably realize that it is not the likelihood of losing that makes people leave games, but rather the flamers and trolls, making a PUG team unpleasant to play with.

Really, how cool is that! To be honest, I would really like to see this feature in every major MOBA, as all of them face the problem of "teh 12-yrs-old haters" to some extent.


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