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The Enclave Rules New Vegas

By eremeticskeptic23-03-2014

It finally happened. It’s perfect. It’s amazing. It’s a brand new Fallout: New Vegas mod that will fulfill a deep seated wish of many Fallout fanatics (for some, anyways). You can finally play as the Enclave.

This is the most thorough mod I’ve ever come across in my life. Not only does it allow the Enclave to simply be a playable side faction like winning over the town of Goodsprings or Primm, but it has its own miniature storyline, quests, and fully voice acted characters. It’s perfect.

The storyline is as follows: the Enclave has been fractured. They have split into different factions based on regional ideologies, and two of them are making their way to the Mojave Wasteland, with some trouble in tow. It’s up to the courier to help the Enclave, or leave them to their fate amongst themselves. This isn’t just a side storyline, however – the mod includes a possible companion and even another ending to the game. Wow. What a time to be alive.

This mod was made with tender love and care, and I’m 100% convinced it was made just to make hardcore Fallout fans like myself swoon like schoolgirls. I mean, look at all that attention to detail! My favorite part, however, is the fact that the mod brings back fully functional Chinese Stealth Armor, which was my favorite armor from Fallout 3. There are no words for how passionate I am about that armor. The armor was in the New Vegas game files, and wasn’t ported. That’s even more brilliant.

Oh, and lastly, there’s an Enclave radio station. They thought of everything.

Here’s to looking ahead.

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LOL head editor? Been a member for a month when the site is what, 3 years old?

Posts: 341

Too bad Fallout 3 and NV are both garbage in terms of gameplay and dialogue, 3 voices and such clunky, stiff poor gameplay. Turns me off, not to mention the extremely monotonous looking landscape, I mean, yellow everywhere in NV. Need mods to fix it, but even with mods, the game is just... so... clunky and bad.

Luckily, Fallout 4 will run on the "new" aka rebranded engine that skyrim used, so, hopefully it wont be as garbage.

Best mod in terms of gameplay for NV is: Brazil. Massive mod, however, gameplay lets the entire game down, so much...

Just strafing while running looks so retarded, like 3 year olds animated it.

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Fallout is perfect, all hail the Fallout gods.

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That's pretty kickass. Love the game, though it certainly does need a few mods to keep up today. Unfortunately it's also incredibly volatile with mods. I tend to just go for the Project Nevada mod. Might try out this extra campaign someday too.