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The Emperor is my Shield!

By Bobfish27-08-2013

After the modest, but admirable, success of Full Control's Space Hulk, it was inevitable that more Warhammer shenanigans would be coming our way. Next, it seems, Focus Home Interactive/Streum are taking the reigns fir a First Person Shooter called Deathwing. Clearing aiming to captlaise on the success of Space Hulk itself by being...another Space Hulk, but without being a faithful recreation of the board game which, admittedly, limits the audience somewhat. Like it or not, FPS is just a more popular genre.

I'm not sure, but this might even be enough to make our resident naysayer, the mighty JcDent, stop saying, uhm, nay. I mean, it may not be a strategy game anymore, but at least you won't be playing as those lame Blood Angels, amirite?


If the pamphlet is to be believed, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be, the upcoming game will be powered by the fourth iteration of the extremely versatile Unreal Engine and will be along some time in 2014.

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Large swarms of them maybe?

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Focus is a good publisher, but Streum on? Fuck those guys so hard they get permanent bow legs.

Also, dunno how they expect FPS Space Hulk to work. You can hardly miss the genestealers in FPS.