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The Emperor Bares All In New Deathwing Screens

By WskOsc09-06-2015

We've seen the above trailer before where you can clearly see the Dark Angels Deathwing insignia. Not much else has been shown apart from the original teaser so it's nice to finally have something that appears to show a little bit of in-game even if it is only screenshots.

In addition to the lookie bits, we've also got some wordy bits of info for you to enjoy too; Deathwing is going to have a single player mode with class based cooperative squad tactics and “savvy hand-eye coordination” which probably means you'll have to manually aim your Heavy Bolter down a Genestealer's throat. The Terminator squad be coordinated by a Librarian (basically a badass space mage, otherwise known as a Psyker) who leads your Terminator squad through objectives and the story while flinging space lightning at things. Naturally you'll have to dispatch hordes of Xenos scum along the way.

The story is written by Gav Thorpe, who may be recognised by literary Warhammer fans as the author of the Last Chancer trilogy and the Slaves To Darkness trilogy, the latter of which I highly recommend reading. He's written a sizeable chunk of quality Warhammer fiction in the past so it's safe to assume the story is in good hands. Playing as the Deathwing means you'll be successors to the original 1 Legion who turned to Chaos in the Horus Heresy, a series of books which are probably the finest Warhammer fiction ever crafted, it also means there's probably far more to the story than just shooting lurking monstrosities in the face. Hopefully more of the Deathwing lore will be tied into the gameplay as well.

Lastly the game is taking on a Left 4 Dead style dynamic AI that controls the inhabitants of the infested ship to craft encounters that will challenge the players via increasing enemy numbers if you're doing well or lowering the intensity of their assault if you're weakened. That's not to say you'll survive the encounter though – it is a Space Hulk after all.

Stay tuned for more info, the game will be shown off at E3 later this month and already I can feel the warp overtaking me!

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