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The Elder Scrolls Online is Going to Orsinium

By WskOsc06-10-2015

Perhaps taking a page out of the recent expansion for World Of Warcraft, Bethesda are releasing new DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online on November 2 that will add new story content where players help rebuild the Orcish city of Orsinium. There's giants, bears and all the usual magical shenanigans you'd expect from The Elder Scrolls by the looks of it.

Additionally the DLC will feature a new solo challenge called The Maelstrom Arena with nine combat rings and two difficulty levels where players can fight for rewards. There's also the obligatory new dungeons and items that you'd expect to see with an MMO expansion.

The Orsinium DLC will be available on the in-game Crowns store for 3000 Crowns, which adds up to either two months of premium subscription or £18-ish in real money. We think that's actually rather fair pricing for a 20 hour expansion, kudos Bethesda.

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