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The Elder Leaks Online (Updated with Video)

By Bobfish29-01-2014

A (now removed) Amazon listing has dropped the news a little early. The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a Collector's Edition. Like, no duh right? That in itself is hardly news. Bethesda are one of those developers that likes to fleece all our hard earned cash give us a little something extra. So what, then, does this particular Collector's Edition contain?

About what you'd expect. The obligatory art book, some, admittedly pretty cool sounding, in game artifacts and, the bit that really caught my atention (being a sucker for these kinds of things) a damn nice statue. That would look real good on my shelf next to my pewter Darth Malgus. Yeah, I like The Old Republic, whatchoo' gonna' do about it?

Now, of course, the astute amongst you have already spied the massive PlayStation 4 banner across the top of the image. Not like it stands out or anything. But I would like to remind you, this is Bethesda we're talking about. If they're doing a Collector's Edition for one platform, I can guarnatee you they'll do it for the others too. This is just a (cough) accident (cough) that Amazon posted it so early.

Seriously guys, you aren't fooling anyone anymore. With the number of (cough) leaks (cough) that come out of Amazon...well hey, it gets them a lot of attention amirite?

It's a conspiracy!

Update: This news now brought to you by (see above) cinematic dragon slaying...and confrimation of a PC version.

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