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The Elder God Returns from Outer Space

By Bobfish17-01-2014

Frogwares are back on track with the mighty Cthulhu. Bringing him back down to Earth with a whisper and an oozing stream of insanity. Announced via the @FocusHome twitter, they have begun work on a new Call of Cthulhu game for necks jehn! consoles and the PC. I'm hoping this means Crimes and Punishments is close to completion.

We know very little about the game itself at this point, beyond the obvious. But what I can glean from the concept art is that it will return to a more traditional, Lovecraftian setting. It has that 1800s look to me. The architecture certainly is. But there's no reason this couldn't also be a modern day offering, simply set in a building from that time. We still have them knocking around you know?

As soon as we do know anything concrete, we will be sure to let you know. Keep an eye open folks.

The shoggoth are closing in.

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Jenssen, don't use logic against a fanboy. You know it won't work

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Considering how Frogwares have mostly dabbled in rather mundane and unexciting point-n-click games, and Focus tend to be all over the place (from Game of Thromeh to Divinity 2), it could equally well turn to shit as well.

... So I disagree. It's not "'nuff said". Not at all.

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Focus. 'Nuff said

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This could be awesome.