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The Effects of Teasing are...Surprisingly Mild

By breadbitten09-11-2013

I've only played Mass Effect 2, yeah. At the time I thought it was a brilliant game, but somehow my interest in the series waned and I never got around to playing either of the other games. It's somewhat surprising (and disconcerting) then that I find myself strangely excited for the next Mass Effect game that is slowly brewing in the inner sanctum of BioWare Montreal. Yeah I never finished the original trilogy (or even properly 'begun' it to be precise) but my memories of playing Mass Effect 2 are pleasant enough that I can justify my excitement...I think.

BioWare are currently celebrating what they've dubbed as "N7 Day" commemorating the five years it's been since Commander FemShep (SHH!) embarked on her journey towards saving all of mankind AND alienkind. Don't mind all the fan-service hullabaloo it entails, what's interesting about this is the steady stream of photos being twittered (that's the correct phrase, right?) by various BioWare alumni giving us a decent look into the development of the next game in the Mass Effect universe.

Glancing at some of the glare-y monitors and screens you can spot...
A character from an over-the-shoulder perspective.
Art for a futuristic looking armor.
Some sort of twisty, alien meadow/mountain.

If you can make out (tee hee) anything else, please be sure to drop a line by the comments section below and scold us for not having noticed anything obvious.

Thank you.

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I still think the first game was the best...