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The DLC's are Coming, the DLC's are Coming

By McKaby17-02-2016

Bethesda announced a double announcement yesterday, one not a surprise and one that was a logical extension so to speak to the first bit of news. We are getting 3 DLC's over the next 3 months for Fallout 4, with what they say are “more to follow”. For the time being we get:

Automatron in March for £7.99 which is a robot themed expansion, dealing with mad robots, diabolical plots, and what happens when you forget to update your RobCo Operating System.  However you can hunt down parts from destroyed robots and build your own companion, along with their paint scheme and operating voices, also new weapons for your robotic friend.

Wasteland Workshop in April for £3.99 that gives us an expansion to settlements, now these can be from full on arenas to nixie tube signs and large stuffed deathclaws in the sitting room, though we could probably have fun watching wave after wave of Deathclaws going after Preston.

Far Harbor in May for £19.99 which takes you on another case from Nick's to find a missing woman, travel to Maine to Far Harbor (Bar Harbor in real life) to find the woman, yet meet a colony of Synths, Children of Atom and locals in the largest island expansion that Bethesda has made for any addon, with new quests, creatures, dungeons and Settlements that need your help – we will mark it on your map, and get all new weapons and armour.

Now they have mentioned that there will be at least one more DLC that hasn't been announced, as that the price of the Season Pass is going up to £39.99 as they are promising that it will be of £45 value.  Also announced was that final testing on the new Survival Mode and the GECK are going well and we should see them soon.

To get the Season Pass head over to Steam and get it while it's still £24.99 before it heads to the new price of £39.99 on March 1st.


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