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The Division Still NOT Coming to PC

By MrJenssen26-06-2013

In a recently published interview from E3 concerning The Division, IGN got to ask some guys from Ubisoft, a few questions some of us have been asking ourselves since we saw the impressive gameplay reveal during Ubisoft's press conference at E3. Though not all questions were answered properly - such as how the infection will affect gameplay - it's still worth a watch. Since the game still hasn't been confirmed for PC at this point, only the final question of the video interview is truly important for us at this point. Will it actually come to PC? Well, the answer is still vague, though still interesting.

"So, we're set for release in winter 2014 on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One... but, we are not ruling out other platforms - because we do also read the internet".

That quick pause before the "but" came, clearly indicates that Ubisoft are at least talking about certain things behind closed doors, that we're not allowed to hear just yet. It's not certain whether they know already if they're going to release for the PC at a later point, but they're definitely aware. Now, this interview was recorded before that whole "We want you to show us your interest"-thing started going, but it falls right in line with it, and shows that Ubisoft were already considering releasing the game on "other platforms" when they first showed it at E3.

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Posts: 123

Well this news seems a bit more positive if nothing else. Hopefully the petition gets even more signatures and eventually sways Ubi in the right direction.

Posts: 124

Puhleeze. I'll wager a hefty amount that UBI already has a PC version up and running.

Posts: 3290

Ubi? Don't you mean *puts on sunglasses* doobie?

Posts: 1548

Damn you Ubi!

Posts: 3290

Douchebisoft strikes again

Posts: 267

We should find the contact info of Ubisoft shareholders, send them the links to petition and mention that there is money to be had xD.

Posts: 1317

It's funny. These people, they don't want to see 120.000 signatures as guaranteed sales. But they DO see 120.000 pirated copies as exactly 120.000 lost sales.

Pretty hypocritical.

Posts: 297

Typical, they can keep it then, got plenty on PC anyway.

Posts: 3290

Dude, 120,000 signatures and they're still only considering it?