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The Desert Beckons - Wasteland 2 Gets a Release Window

By zethalee22-05-2014

Aiming squarely at our nostalgia sensors, classically-styled CRPG Wasteland 2 is set to move from the paid beta it's in right now on Steam Early Access to wide release.  While the game essentially channelled the history and essence of its predecessors, it also incorporated modern technology and advances too, making for a worthwhile experience.  Now, in addition to announcing the final release window, inXile has seen fit to release the entire Arizona country for us to become irradiated in as well.

Wasteland 2 itself takes place 15 years after the original Wasteland, in a world where nuclear war has devastated much of the surface and people's sensibilities.  Finding themselves in a maximum security prison, the US Army Core of Engineers evicted the prisoners, and made themselves a new home, and a new life among the increasingly inhospitable wastes.  Renaming themselves the Desert Rangers, they seek to restore order and justice in a world where diplomacy is conducted by gunpoint and manpower.

As far as the rest of the story is concerned, along with how well you get along with the inhabitants of the wastes, that will be up for you to discover and decide, come late August.


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