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The Day(Z) Has Finally Come

By CameronW17-12-2013

If you're anything like me you've played the DayZ mod for Arma 2 a few times, been frusturated by the fact that your character controls like he's had a full lobotomy and breaks his legs by walking down some stairs. The good news is that there's finally an alternative that isn't horrible. The Day Z stand alone is finally on Steam early access. It's obviously unfinished due to the early access label and the multiple paragraphs in full capital letters telling you that the game isn't going to work right, but at least there's some hope for it all to improve in the future.

You can get yourself into the alpha by throwing down $30 (£20) on the Steam store page. The stand alone promises to be more user friendly, more stable, and less full of those crazy dudes that make tanks appear out of thin air via hacking. I'm on board for that, even if it might take a few months.

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