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The Darksiders Controversy

By StuntmanLT07-11-2015

A few days ago Nordic released Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition. With the new re-release of the game the publisher announced a loyalty program with three tiers of benefits for previous and future customers. From the first glance the offer is great with people owning the all the games and content getting the free upgrade. In reality though this is a bit misleading. The free upgrade was only for people who bought the Darksiders Franchise Pack, which was released just around a year ago, and not for the people who bought or even pre-purchased the content when it was released. Those people still got the 80% discount and it was great for someone who had the core games but not the DLC. However for those who had everything that was on sale this seemed like the short end of the stick. The publisher tried to convince the angry mob that this decision was due to technical limitations set by Steam but after having no effect the announcer went quiet for a couple of days.

Yesterday Nordic came back with a response for the angry community. They decided to give in and give out free keys to people who had DS2 and the season pass or the related DLC. Unfortunately this didn’t last. After what I assume was a ton of emails, Nordic edited their original announcement redacting the email address and said that was a limited offer but they are trying to work something out.

I personally am one of the affected. Even though I disagree or plainly condemn a lot of comments and “reviews” that are just inappropriate putting it mildly I feel strong resentment towards Nordic. The company representative stated that they are working towards a solution but the time to get a discounted game is running out. This puts people in a difficult position making them chose between a possibilities of getting the game with a discount or missing out on the discount and hope that Nordic will actually provide us with the free upgrade.

Are you affected by this in any way? Maybe you just have an opinion? Just let us know below.

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