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The Dark Knight Rises…. AGAIN

By ElderCub05-09-2015

Ever since Batman: Arkham Knight release little over a month ago, the PC version of the game has suffered dearly. Getting mixed reviews and even being pulled from the Steam store front while Rocksteady essentially rebuilds their 12-man port. Locked at 30 fps, and still having massive performance issues. But finally, it seems we’re over the hump and that we’ll actually see it in full for the great game it is. A couple days ago Arkham Knight got an update that seemed to fix a lot of things, then was unexpectedly pulled. Their official comment was that it was an update sent out prematurely and that it wasn’t quite ready. Fast forAward to yesterday the full version of that patch is out, and so far it’s proof the pudding needs. With a whole lot of improvements, we’ll see less stuttering, memory optimization, performance jumps using the newest drivers for your GPU, and more comprehensive in-game settings.

Don’t worry, they’re not done, they’re still working away at their “little” project. Future updates will include Crossfire and SLI support (yay), better support for DLC content, new features like a photo mode, and overall continued improvement. Then out of nowhere, it seems we’re also getting versions for SteamOS, Linux, and Mac. As if they didn’t have enough on their plate as it is. Arkham Knight isn’t quite back up for sale yet, but with other OS versions said to be ready this fall, I’d expect our own Windows version to start raking in dough about the same time.

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