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The Dark Knight Michonne’s

By Bobfish07-12-2015

We have a titillating Telltale twofer (ooh, alliteration) for you today. First up, the much teased. The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series finally has a release date. Coming this February (probably the 2nd if Telltale stay true to form) Michonne will be a three part series starring Samira Wiley, of Orange is the New Black fame, rather than Danai Gurirawho plays her in the TV series. Likely to further drive home the fact their games take place in the comic universe. Which is fine by me, the TV show suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. It's a long series of stupid people doing increasingly stupid things.


We can confirm the story will take place during Michonee's absence from issue 126-139 and will explore both her reason for leaving the group, what she did, and why she ultimately returned. My money is on revenge. Since she can be heard, in the above trailer, saying "not everyone deserves saving."

But that's not all. See, we're also going to be getting a Batman series at some, as yet undefined, time in 2016 as well. Which is probably that other comicbook related IP they were talking about earlier this year right? Except no. That one was specifically said to be a Marvel series, and due in 2017. Busy little bees aren't they. Since we'll also be getting a full third seasons of The Walking Dead.

What we know about Batman is a lot more sketchy at present. But the below teaser speaks of Bruce Wayne becoming increasingly unpredictable and unstable. Which my geek creed is kicking me for not being able to say more about. I don't know the Batman comics nearly as well as I should. But it sure sounds like a darn good premise to me. Spending so much time stalking the city streets, beating the snot out of people has to take a toll on a man's psyche, you know what I'm saying?

This gone be gud!

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