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The Crusader Gets a Backstory

By CameronW13-03-2014

The Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3 is just around the corner, only a couple more weeks left. The new class: The Crusader, is the spiritual successor to the Paladin from Diablo 2, but has a few different moves up his sleeves. Naturally you can't just go playing a class without any idea why they're suddenly joining the demon-slaying party with the other 5 classes, so Blizzard conjured up a little class backstory trailer so we can learn the origins of the Crusader.

I played a Paladin in Diablo 2, so when Diablo 3 came around and they were nowhere to be seen, I was a little bummed. I figured since there was only a single strength using class and two for Dexterity and Intelligence that the class in Reaper of Souls would obviously have to be a strength user. Now we just need to get Druids and Necromancers back and we'll be set.

If there's no Hammerdin ability I'm going to be very, very upset.


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