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The Crew Gets a Gameplay Trailer & Release Date...I Guess

By CameronW10-04-2014

We heard about Ivory Tower’s The Crew months and months ago back at E3 when it was announced as a massive open world racing game following the newest trend of totally dynamic multiplayer online play. So, what’s the big news, you’re asking? I’ll tell you. Not only is there a release date, but there’s a ‘gameplay premier’ that oddly enough has no gameplay in it. I mean, sure maybe it’s rendered in engine, and there are those little logo things above the cars, that might be in the game, right? If this is gameplay it’s looking a lot like when you hold down the cinematic camera button while driving in GTA and crash into the first thing in front of you because you can’t see.

Back in my day gameplay videos had what the player saw when they were playing the game in them, crazy kids. The video looks nice and all, but the lack of gameplay in the gameplay premier is a little disheartening.  Another thing that’s slightly disheartening is that the “release date” also doesn’t have a date attached to it, it’s just been announced that The Crew will be launching this fall.

So, we’ve got no gameplay, and no date, but mark my words, sometime in the three month period that encapsulates the transitional period between the end of summer and the beginning of winter will bring with it a racing game that may vaguely look like the trailer embedded in this article. Enjoy.

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