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The Crew Races to Release

By Doubleplus02-12-2014

They'll make an open world MMO out of anything won't they? Well, if you are the kind of person who plays World of Warcraft and says "You know, this game would be a lot better if instead of fighting monsters, we just raced against each other in cars" Well, first off, you're an odd person, but more importantly you'll be happy to know that The Crew, a car- and racing-based MMO touting RPG elements, PVP, factions, "unprecedented social gameplay" and all that other stuff that comes alongside being an MMO.

To be quite frank, I don't see it lasting that long, at least before going Free2Play. It's already hard enough to last as an MMO if your name isn't "World of Warcraft", much less one based around racing instead of "traditional" MMORPG gameplay, or one that has a console release. The whole thing seems pretty gimmicky in my opinion.

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Well I like it, so ner