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The Creatures Of Space Nomads

By MrJenssen10-05-2013

Earlier this year, we reported on Space Nomads - an oddly titled hybrid between a cooperative first person shooter and a tower defense game, with blocky Minecraft-esque base building. It's all set in a blocky, alien world that's supposed to be procedurally generated. Back in March we reported on a newly published video showing off some pre-alpha multiplayer action, and now it's time for more new stuff. Nasty, evil creatures hell bent on destroying your power cores.

Though it might be easy to blow this game off as only one of many games in its genre - especially due to its simplistic art design - the enemies themselves seem to have quite a bit of originality to them. The beetle, for example, won't actually attack you, but will instead try to sneak right under your nose, attach itself to your defenses and disable them, making it much easier for enemies to reach and destroy the walls of the base you've built. Only a few enemies are actually shown off in this pre-alpha video, but several more are mentioned. The jumper sounds like a kind of enemy you'll want to take out long before he reaches your walls, jumps over them and blows himself to pieces - along with anything in the near vicinity.

For more info on these guys, watch the video for yourself or head over to the official site to get it straight from the source. The game is also available on Greenlight. Go vote!

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