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The Cradle: Make This Backed

By PeterChi31-01-2014

The Cradle is a very promising RPG from newly formed Mojo Game Studio that is hoping to get backers on Kickstarter at the moment. At the time of writing this their Kickstarter is sitting at $66,000 of its $350,000 goal with 1,399 backers. There are still twenty days to go before The Cradle needs to reach its target amount and after watching this first trailer I am hoping that there are enough people out there interested in jumping in and sharing all that lovely money with Mojo. It's just sitting useless in your silly bank account, anyway.

The game looks beautiful and well polished in the snippet shown here, but remember that this is alpha footage and so we're obviously seeing some of the more impressive bits. Despite this, Mojo have a few tricks up their sleevies. Check out the combat demonstration in this next video.

The attacks you perform on any enemy need to be aimed at the specific body part you want to attack, and will change depending on what type of weapon you're currently using. You don't slash with an axe, for instance, you do a jolly great chop. Combining attacks on different parts of the body also affects how your character will attack, allowing attacks to flow together in a fluid and realistic way, like real weapon-fighting. It was insight and creativity like this that could have taken Skyrim's sometimes hilarious looking combat to the next level of awesome. Instead of looking like you're swinging a sword without knowing what you're swinging at, you're actually directly interacting with what is infront of you.

The Cradle will also support the Oculus Rift if it gets backed. Then all I'll need is an axe with a motion sensor and a lock for this door.

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Posts: 28

They are young, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt because of what they've already done.

Posts: 1548

Yeah, looks great, but the dev team looks sooooooo young...

Posts: 1317

This actually looks kind of great. Their Kickstarter campaign isn't doing too great though.

Posts: 3290

Oh my.