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The Contagion Spreads In April

By MrJenssen07-03-2014

The awesome little zombie game Contagion is apparently almost ready to be released, according to its developers Monochrome LLC. You wouldn't know it from playing the Early Access version of it, with the rather low amount of playable maps, and the ever-present issue of bad hit detection and dodgy zombie animations. But according to a recent update from the devs themselves, that won't stop Contagion from releasing on April 11. Apparently, the release-version will come with several new maps and game mode variations, so that's at least good to hear.

"We look forward to the release of our final maps for release including their game-modes and some other surprises but what we're hoping to prove to many (can't win them all) is that both Kickstarter and Early Access are not just options to be abused but vital resources to both big and small Companies. A success story in our case! "

That doesn't mean Monochrome are done with the game, however. Much in the same way as Insurgency seem to do it, "released" doesn't necessarily mean "completely done". Free new characters, maps, game modes and other content is promised to see the light of day in the weeks and months following the release. Furthermore, they direct fans to their Facebook page where more info, screenshots, videos and contests will be posted in the future.

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